There are currently no tickets available for 2013.

To keep things simple - we don't charge any booking fees.

The Tier system explained:
No Direction Home tickets are being sold using a tier system. This means that the earlier you buy, the lower the price. Tier 1, currently on sale, offers our early bird prices. Once the early birds have sold out, the prices will rise a little to the next level which is Tier 2. Once Tier 2 has sold out, we go to Tier 3 and then finally Tier 4. This method rewards those who buy early and helps to balance supply and demand for our tickets.

Please note: We do not sell day tickets for the festival (more info ยป)

Need help?

If you have any queries with regards to purchasing tickets or if you encounter any problems with the online ticket service, please email us with "Ticket Enquiry" in the subject on the following email:

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